Gardens Of Babylon


                                                 July 2016

Hot diggity damk damn baby yo weed stank!!! that shit be loud bra!


                                                June 2016

The best and most reliable in Nevada and California!


FREE Delivery!!!! right to my rm OMG its like a little piece of heaven dude Ill order from you just for the delivery action!!!! yeahhhh!!!


This place is soooooooo awesome! I love it! I love it! I love it!


Arrived on time excellent customer service made it really easy to get my meds love the dabs!!!!


These guys are the best so easy told em what I need and it got here quick the driver was very nice sweet easy to talk to took the time to make sure I could check everything out and that I was happy very very happy thanks you guys appreciate the service 


Best wax hands down I love the strains bro keep em coming!


                                                 May 2016

Thanks for your awesome service Babylon you guys rock so glad I found you! well be back


Hands down best service anywhere! Love these guys!

~SeanThe Man

Quick convenient placed an order snap got it like that!


Friendly quick delivery!


I can't tell you how much these guys rock. They always have great quality products. I don't think I've ever waited longer than an hour for my delivery. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and very courteous. I don't mess with the rest cause Gardens is the BEST!!


                                                     April 2016

Best go to spot for the premium vape cartridges herb and wax


most reliable spot in Vegas


                                                       March 2016 

Good bud friendly and quick thumbs up!!

~danity cindybooboo   

fast and had great quality Waayy beter than the dispensary budd I usually get found my new home thx bro!

~quarter king

Discreet fast friendly service 


                                                        February 2016

Delivery went beautiful and smooth There's no need to shop around or call anyone else, these guys will take care of you. They literally go the extra mile!! Will definitely be loyal to these guys.


Delivery service is by far the most friendly and welcoming quality medicine you guys should definitely check them out Will definitely keep ordering from them no doubt. Thank you  for the quick and friendly service 


FTP thank you so much thank you for the free salve worked miracles for me so grateful love that maleficent kush!!!


                                                       January 2016

very knowledgeable They set me up with the perfect medication and the quickest delivery


                                                       December 2015

best customer service and all ways arrives on or before estimated arrival time no nonsense best quality in town very professional


I really appreciate the service!!!


                                                      November 2015

loud killer kush

~LB lazyboi

first of all I'd like to say that Babylon is the fastest and best delivery service in Vegas I've been here for 7 years and hands down best service and meds period! The menu and selections are the best selections and everything is top shelf. You will always be satisfied in whatever you get. Its amazing. So grateful for you guys!!

best to you always!


excellent service. bud is great and you guys are awesome


                                                         October 2015

I like the weeDDDDD!!!

~manny more zeek


~rabbi love

Amazing service and they are very kind


                                                       September 2015

best compassion center in the state customer service is A+


Awesome company that is constantly improving and innovative when it comes to products, services and sales! Highly recommend them, if you are looking for a good, clean, organic product


I've found my favorite


                                                        August 2015

great quality service they are excelent would recomnend to all my friends  #1 2 thumbs up


 this is the BEST place!!!


nice zen experience


Top shelf medical marijuana 


                                                           July 2015



awesome. great service will definitely be back


I forgot the ladies name but she was a doll. Helped me a lot  very comfortable first time visit very happy


eally helped me find the right strain


                                                          June 2015

Thanks again guys !


my friend referred me while i was on vacation they had everything i needed


been a patient with Gardens for about a year now. Great customer service extremely friendly and knowledgeable of the different strains they have available 


                                                           May 2015

Great place definitely recommend to a friend. Very knowledgable in all aspect 



Great patient treatment, great medicine, just wish prices would go down, but I am definitely going back and sticking with them would reccomend to any patients


I am all over it smashing good selection above and beyond on service thanks for helping this bloke on his travels


Great place, awesome people, and good meds :)


Great staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable


~Sir Bongalot                                       April 2015

So glad you are back!!!!  you have the best medicine!!!!!

~Diane                                                  April 2015

I absolutely love this place Edibles were genuine delicious and potent Ill be back

~Sonia                                                  January 2015

Gonna miss you guys come back soon I need my meds!!!!!!

~KC Romper                                        January 2015

Excellent selection and service thanks for everything GOB dudes

~Martin                                                October 2014

Reliable medicine everytime I come to vegas thanks for always taking care of me when I come to town

~Bob                                                   August 2014

Excited to try this place, heard good things from my friends

~Mayhem from the Mountain               July 2014

Amazing Service!

This was a lovely experience, very comfortable and knowledgeable, easy to talk to and great buds!


~Rosemarie                                         June 2014

This review has been a long time coming. Been through these guys about 15 times now and ive never been disapointed. They are the best around! They are prompt, knowledgeable, freindly, plus they have the best meds ive tried. Ive been through basically every dispensary YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!


~zen masterbohdi                                June 2014

 I can not say enough good things about the medication and the customer service RIDICULOUSLY good and powerful This was a very positive experience and will definitely go through please remember to tip your drivers donates all their tips to helping others great overall experience


~PeterThe BonG                                    May 2014

They were super-informative and really enjoyable to talk to! Made the process very professional and personable. They had alot of really helpful suggestions


~karmahook                                            May 2014

helpful and understanding Everything is such high quality! I am new to medical cannabis and I know I have found my favorite Rx dispensary! You cannot go wrong by trying them out. I will recommend them to anyone who asks. A++++++++++++++


~PX!THC                                               May 2014

medicine is good, and good delivery time! thanks gardens of Babylon


~FujiKyle                                                May 2014

This is the first time I have ever left a review on here, mainly because , most of dispensaries tell u they will give free bees for a good review. Not that I have hade any real bad experiences. But these people have blown me away with their service


~wombat jack                                        April 2014

the edibles are the best u will ever had


~79holidayman                                   March 2014

Love Love Love these guys and their meds!


~hurtin brotha                                       March 2014

fast delivery and good selection of quality buds

after trying another unnamed called green cross and he delivered within an hour


~budzbuddy                                           February 2014

very knowledgeable about their extensive selection of flowers and super helpful.


~air kalifa                                               January 2014

I have used other dispensaries previously and this one surpassed all my expectations


~turboswimmer                                      January 2014

Amazing buds + great people! :)


~Jady Jazz                                              January 2014


You guys are my new favorite


~ANIMAMASTER                                   January 2014

I will stand behind these guys 100% and recommend them to you all in need of the best organics available for all your needs pain to stress relief and its affordable as well.


~cleangreens                                           December 2013

Any one who knows quality,...know these guys have the best organics available. Sticky sweet powerful and long lasting! Great menu selection of delicious, delicious, flowers!! I am happy with the price as well.


~DannyDiamonds                                       November 2013

you must try the raspberry kush! Try comes city

Must try the raspberry kush! Crystal coated yummy buds!
This delivery service is amazing! don't waste your time any where els!
Seriously the best meds available. Sticky, sweet, and powerful!
I enjoy their professional advice and respect them very much! You must try this service they are the best value and quality all in one.


~BettyaGo-Go                                               October 2013

I could tell just by looking at the bags that this was not one of those places that tries to nickel and dime you Its a perfect indica and helped knockout my severe gastrointestinal distress and was a great flower to use to relax! Overall I give them an A+! I can't WAIT to try more meds, the only problem is deciding which ones!


~CarlQ                                                   October    2013

From the moment I called, I knew I was doing with true professionals


~janet682331                                         October  2013

Granddaddy purple is sweet and purple Good potency I've been to other dispensaries and this one has good prices, quick delivery and quality product


~grandpajoe                                             September 2013

professional and helpful. I ordered the Raspberry Kush and got a free sample of the Blue Hawaiian.

~littlebud                                                   September 2013


~cocknpussy                                            August 2013

superior medical marijuana They answer all my questions and are nothing short of sweet.

~grandma green                                      August 2013

I've Tried some of the other dispensaries with lower donations and have been disappointed every time. These guys always answer the phone are on time and don't look and act like bummling stoners.


~Hazzedoutstoner                                    August 2013

Never been disappointed with the meds. Great local price. Customer service is friendly, and the drivers are always courteous and on time. I haven't had a reason to go anywhere else. Thanks firefly!


~joss the jew                                              July 2013

I am partially disabled and have bad episodes of pain and panic. The delivery of my medication is important for those episodes because it is not easy for me to go out.

Very very pleased


~Vboraga                                                   June 2013

I don't mind if they don't have a particular strain. The ones I have bought have helped with appetite and sleep, the two most annoying problems I have


~Jeff R                                                         May 2013

Bubba Kush

Very, very good weed! I looked at the buds w/ a 40x eye loupe, and after I cracked a bud they were packed with trichomes inside. 3 small bong rips and it was hitting pretty hard. This is my first Bubba Kush experience and it is a good one. A great strain for pain releaf, anxiety releaf and I slept like a baby for the first time in weeks.


~Mark B                                                  May 2013

Pineapple Express....right to my head!!!

Pinapple Express is amazing

I've smoked a lot of PE but nothing like that WOW. Thanks guys for always putting a smile on my face


~ScottyBman                                         April 2013

Quick, easy, nice delivery person and great bud. This bud was steps above any of the other dispensaries I've tried before; ever !! I am a happy guy. Thank you !!


~Iggy                                                   March 2013

Very Outstanding Experience!

This was my first time ordering i am beyond pleased with the outstanding service and quality products i received. very punctual


~MaryMary                                             March 2013


no need to look any further. All their product is top shelf. Love these guys!!


~Sadie                                                     February 2013

The Ice queen is large dense buds that seem manicured well, look nice in appearance best customer service, prompt delivery, and great product.


~klydia777                                                 January 2013

great variety of both stativas, indicas and great hybrid


~mmjcandygirrrl                                       January 2013

nothing but happy with both product and staff!


~Charles m                                            January 2013

nothing but great service and dank bud at a good price. They are always on time and deliver to my home doesn't get much easier than that!


~loyal customer                                    January 2013

Loved my experience!

Decided to try this new dispensary and am very glad I did.


~janet McDonagh                                 December 2012

Best Place In town

the whole experience was just amazing. had a great time all products are top notch. lots of diffrent strains to try and check out. everyone is super nice and very helpful. its not all about the money here they really look out for there customers. this is the only shop i go to now


~Navaho Witch                                     December 2012

Best meds in town....period!

Have been to almost every dispensary in town and will never be going anywhere else again! This place is stacked with super top shelf meds that I haven't seen anywhere else in town


~HippyHighlander                          December 2012

Best place in Town!

thanks guys your doing a wonderful job ill b back forsure 


~katygirl                                        November 2012


Real med patients? This is the place for you.

Huge fan of, and regular costumer to, this phenomenal medical cannabis, providing multiple options each of tremendous cannabis, infused edibles, concentrates, and other medical products. They appear to be very legitimate checking me for my paperwork every time I come in. They seem to really care for the well being of the patients and really try to work with you and help you with your particular ailments. Their cannabis is by far as good or better to that of any dispensaries in town. Prices are really reasonable. Staff is super friendly and caring. Super knowledgeable and about all their products. If you have a question they'll probably know the answer. In my opinion you should check it out its totally worth it.


~BigDog Doug                              November 2012

 were polite and professional and made us feel like old friends and the prices are lower then what you expect from the quality


~Benny and Alice                      November 2012

Love this place! Definitely my favorite. They staff is great, very friendly very helpful. I love all the options you have when you go into this dispensary! Definitely worth checkin out!! (:


~Chad                                         November 2012

My only Dispensary

They welcomed me in with open arms and have really taken a interest in my pain resolution. Having me try various strains and edibles. Awesome job of keeping it medicinal in the farmers market of weed that makes up the five stations or so. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!! The weed has been killer I highly recommend the kush varieties the Bubba Kush Has treated me very well. end of story go here!


~JerryJ                                   September 2012 


all of them are awsome. Deffinetly a place to check out


~demonchildatyourdoor            September 2012

I've got everything I need now and top quality from guys who really care about holistic purity and natural products


~papercutter55                        September 2012

Every other flower I looked at looked fantastic as well.
Friendly staff easy place to find and great hours.
Highly recommended


~loose fresh and green              September 2012

Glad I found this gem

Long story short I went on vacation and left my backpack on goodies at home. Not only are these guys open late they are super convenient  Even tho they are just starting out I can tell they are passionate and truly care about the patient and their needs. I have my line of medibles and I am seriously thinking of letting these guys represent too because I know they care!! Extra nice informable guys who are truly there to help. Gave me a smokin deal on a half zip and didn't bitch that I was a little short and there was 5$ in change. Lol. Highly recommended and great selection of flowers with concentrates to come!! Thank you so much


~Captin Cannabis              September 2012

great flowers in all ive tried. best prices in town and great hours for those who work the same as most shops


~unicorn blunt man        August 2012

top notch waxes, clean wow- smooth, very strong,2 fat dabs of this and I am soaring my head is swimming and my pain melts away. Thank You I will definitely be checking out more flower also.


420man                       August 2012

damn son!!!!!


~johnnybblazin           July  2012

Great quality, great prices

I'm not a novice smoker, but this guy has some grade A stuff. Truly. Try it and you'll know what I'm talking about (:


~maddie88                July 2012

convenient and good quality 

Delivery took about an hour, bud quality is very high. the driver was professional and friendly. nothing beats having your green delivered right to your door, definitely gonna use these guys again in the near future


~dichdryanniner         July 2012

Friendly, Dependable, and Great Quality 

I can't say enough good things about Gardens of Babylon. Always responds quickly. High quality bud and super friendly. Try these guys out if you have a chance


~~cakepanda84       July 2012

courteous, reliable, and brought us great quality weed. I would definitely  recommend


~sellsballz               June 2012 

Great Delivery!

 Top quality with fast response times and fast delivery in the area.


~SequiaSalad          June 2012

This is a classy and chill spot. The bud is high quality and you get a good deal on some fire!


~Kelly39acid              May 2012

DANK!!!!! DANK!!!!! DANK!!!!!!!


~SassyQueen             April 2012

satisfactorily totally, I love em!!


~Kiki                           April 2012

Tengo dolor de espalda. Tengo dolor en la cadera Este CBD es medicina incredible


~Juan  Hernandez         April 2012

this is where all veterans should seek their meds, as their discounts are the best I have seen.


 ~Sunset Bill                March 2012

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